postal book groups

If you have a desire to read and enjoy books you would enjoy belonging to a Postal Book Group. You would not need to purchase a book or visit your library unless you wanted to.

A Postal Book Group gives you: the opportunity to read a different book a month; the surprise of never knowing the title/author until the book arrives on your doorstep; the pleasure of reading other members’ comments on the book; and the knowledge that you may find a new author or style of writing to titillate your taste buds.

The postal book group began in 1986 and is open only to NWR members. There are several groups in operation and new groups are being formed continually as more members join. Each group consists of somehwere between eight and 12 members scattered around Britain who, instead of meeting on a regular basis to discuss the merits (or otherwise) of a particular book, write their observations in a notebook which is circulated with each book.

How it works

Each member selects a book from her own collection which she then posts to the next person on the list. In this way, she will receive eleven different books and her own book back at the end of twelve months. No restrictions are imposed on the selection of recommended books as the aim of the group is to introduce members to books they may not otherwise have considered reading, or authors they may not previously have encountered.


If you are interested in joining a Postal Book group and would like more information, please contact the organiser, Catharine Woodliffe through the NWR Social Network or directly on [email protected].