Programme for 2024 (January to July)

January 8th “Philanthropy, it’s role in society, examples of great philanthropists

January 22nd A quiz about the highway code – and more

February 5th A talk from Blood Bikes (blood

February 19th “people called Jane”

March 4th “Royal marriages and the role of consorts”

March 18th Murder mystery play reading

April 8th “Ladies underwear, then and now”

April 22nd “The benefits and drawbacks of a cashless society”

May 13th “Repurpose and recycle – are you doing this?”

May 20th “Things that inspire your creativity”

June 3rd “Who is your most admired actor, and why?”

June 17th “Shopping for clothes, what are your preferences and how have they changed?”

July 1st Caribbean night

July 15th “Is there something you have achieved as an adult, that your younger self would be proud of?”

July 29th Nantwich treasure trail, followed by cheese and wine (Nantwich is a very old town, has a fascinating history, and is famous for cheese making)