Ruislip NWR celebrate Halloween

We had a fun evening with games, quiz, facts, jokes, mulled wine and apple cake

We were also treated to this poem by Jill Wells

(Pronounced ‘sow-inn’ (like the female pig), Samhain is a Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and beginning of winter or “darker half” of the year. It begins at sunset on 31 October and continues into the early hours of 1 November)


Sunset on All Hallows Eve

The rays turn orange then red

And as the sun sinks in the west

The black of night welcomes in the dead

The end of light, the start of darkness

Samhain marks the beginning of winter

The night it’s best to lock your doors

When the barriers between men and spirits splinter

If you dress in animal horns and skins

And try to disguise your humanity

The spirits can’t possess a non-human being

This way the Celts kept their sanity

Put some garlic at your door

Pull the curtains and light the fire

Sing some hymns and pray to God

To keep you safe and not to tire

The next morning when the sun returns

The doors to the spirit world close

Be thankful for the coming winter

And a chance for some post-harvest repose.

Jill Wells