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Sacred Threads – ecclesiastical embroidery

Netta Ewing delivered a wonderful presentation via Zoom about her designs and the work of her Sacred Threads Embroidery group to members of the Kilbarchan group. Under her guidance and artistic direction the group has been creating wonderful murals, pulpit hangings and other ornate vestments for the clergy including mitres for Archbisip Conti, to name but one of many. Netta was a very interesting and enthusiastic speaker and her hour long talk held everyone’s attention. After the talk had finished she also answered questions in a chat session that had been posted in the Chat box.
The Kilbarchan group were delighted to welcome some members from other local groups in Houston and Bridge of Weir.
Here’s just one of the beautiful creations from her presentation slides. It’s a mural of the four seasons with a sacred text in English and Hebrew: Where were you when I laid the foundations of the world.