Salisbury NWR’s Christmas tree with a difference

As we commemorate 100 years since the outbreak of WW1, Salisbury’s NWR group made this beautiful Christmas tree to celebrate the women of the Great War.

The tree represents an advent calendar, with 25 boxes or drawers. Each one shows a specific woman or a female role during WW1. They give a detailed picture of the immense contribution made by women, without whom many believe the war could not have been won. The star at the top signifies the light that overcomes darkness & offers us hope for the future.

The inscription over the tree reads: “We are a generation of women who have benefited from the immense contribution that women made to both World Wars. We have benefited from the changes in attitudes, expectations and opportunities afforded to women as no other generation before us has done. We are like-minded women who, when we meet, are able to discuss anything and everything.”

Salisbury NWR Christmas tree

The photo shows Vanessa Moulding in red and Lisa Conway in turquoise, both members of Salisbury NWR group.