Shenstone’s NWR group

We have all stayed safe during the last couple of years which, firstly, is great news. Our group has managed to meet on Zoom monthly whilst the pandemic was on with either games or fairly ‘light’ meetings and usually with a glass of something nearby. This was thanks to our tech- savvy member, Jo. We have toured the holidays of our dreams as well, thanks to Sue and Jo, who gave us an amazing evening where we could forget about being ‘locked in’ at home.

More recently, we have managed to meet outside for social evenings and a few afternoon meetings where we have been extremely lucky with the weather. Our group has also managed to grow during the pandemic, which is quite remarkable, and we are happy to have the new members join us.

In the past, we have met in each others’ homes and this has sometimes been a squash and probably not so Covid safe at the moment. This has meant we have decided to meet in our village hall a couple of times a month. Here we will be spaced out more and still be able to meet safely through the winter… all being well!

Our first ‘indoor’ meeting will be In the Footsteps of great authors – inspired by Richard E Grant’s BBC4 series.

Our next is Wives of famous People– those insignificant others who were probably the power behind the throne!

We are looking forward in November to the Telephone Quiz. This is always enjoyable and we are yet to win… so always something to strive for.

In December we are hoping all is well and we can have a Christmas get-together – almost like in the old days.