Short Story writing challenge evening


This time we were at Sheila’s for an evening of creativity.  

The idea was to produce a poem or short (max 250 words) story, using words of no more than four letters.  

Everyone who attempted it did very well but the overall winner was a member’s partner – with a tale of a CID man, a gory dead body, the haft of a dirk, a bad dog and a lead – well he is a professional journalist!  We also had a 250 word poem on Jan Val Jean (bit of artistic licence there) of Les Mis;  a story on “The Day the Oven Blew up” and a poem from one NWR lady who had not grasped the task and thought each word had to have four letters, called Poem in Four Time.  There was a travelogue – The City of Port.  The others were stories: The Lazy Wife; one about a granddaughter; Adam was a Tiny Boy;  a nursery rhyme story;  The Tiny Girl in the Red Coat (based on Red Riding Hood); In the Dark and a tale of Juke Box Jury.


Well done everyone!  It was good fun and yet over remarkably quickly, leaving room for a discussion on lots pf diverse topics.

Here is one poem:

Poem in Four Time
Dusk, moon, star, mist,
Dank, dark, dawn,
Glim, glow, pink, glee,
Rise, beam,