States of USA

Last night’s meeting on US States was interesting, varied and enjoyable.

It was a good way to immerse ourselves for an evening in fun facts (and serious ones) about America.
7 of us attended and we covered 7 of the 50 states (in their order of joining):

Pennsylvania – the only one of the original 13 we covered

Tennesse – roots of many music styles

Ohio – extreme weather

Washington – scenic Puget sound and Olympic and Cascades mountain ranges

Florida – only state with a coral reef and a part with a tropical climate 

Oregon – 4.2 mill population in acre similar to whole UK; Crater Lake – deepest in US

Alaska – Russia sold it to US, only one area code and less than a million people, some eccentric laws

There was so much more shared than those tasters above.
We had a short quiz to start it off, plus a history of the 13 original states and the last 2 to join in 1959.

We touched on how the boundaries came about and noted there are 2 wholly rectangular states.

We included snippets from the NWR Annual 2022 researched in detail by Natalie Punter.