Theatre trip to see Sue Perkins

Six of us went on this first NWR theatre trip to the Lighthouse, Poole.  It was a very good show with lots of laughs. In the first half she went through some incidents in her childhood and growing up which we recognised from reading her book. Then very bravely Sue took questions from the audience in the second half which demonstrated her quick wit. The show started with a big photo of Sue with her saying (offstage) that this is the one we were seeing , not this one (photo of Mel).  Sue also told some Bake Off stories of Paul and Mary. The theatre was full with a very appreciative audience.

Beforehand three of us went to dinner in Loch Fyne with the others joining us at the theatre.  It was good to do this to make an evening of it and get to know people more.  Many thanks to Wendy for organising the tickets and it was a pity that she was unable to come due to illness.