Whose life is it anyway?

The Ladies of Bedale and District
National Double-U  R
Were to bring along three distinct items
To show who the devil they are

Then all of the other keen members
Have to work out whose items are whose
From knick-knacks to jewels and pictures
(Who brought along Jimmi Choo shoes?)

Gay and Steph will bring maps and a compass
Keen walkers they are don’t you know
And the schoolbooks they are from Lesley
With blackboard and chalk just for show

Antje has a half German background
And will bring sauerkraut jars without doubt
While Judith and Kath are of one mind
It’s ‘twin items’ they’re boasting about

Our Jean will bring something from Yorkshire
A pud and a cloth cap or two
And as for our very new members
I clearly don’t have much of a clue

And Julia’s there with a big stick
To bring all the ladies to heel
Elaine, in her wig, will give guidance
Should anyone need to appeal

So here we’re all gathered together
Bag Ladies all, up goes the cry
If you’ve solved this poetical puzzle
Then tell everyone ‘Who Am I?’


By Julia Hamby | NWR Bedale and District