NWR Online Groups

NWR isn’t just about meeting up face to face…

Would you like to talk to women from different parts of the country?
Do you prefer to stay at home but would still like to connect with others?

Then NWR virtual groups are for you!

NWR Online group

Already a member of a local group? NWR online groups aren’t just for Independent Members, you’re also welcome to join a virtual group.

The NWR Online Groups are run just like a local group – they meet regularly with a full programme of topics to discuss and you’ll see the same faces at each meeting so that you can get to know each other. The only difference is that you always meet via Zoom and there is a maximum number per group so that everyone feels able to make a meaningful contribution and feels visible on the screen.

The group meets onThursday evenings and has spaces for new members – you are welcome to join as a regular member or an occassional member.

We really benefit from having members not just from different regions, but also from abroad to add to our discussions.


NWR Online Book Group

Do you love reading? Do you love talking about books? The NWR online book group meet on the fourth Monday of the month from 2.30 to 4pm. In 2024 they are discussing ‘The Way We Live Now’ by Anthony Trollope, ‘The Offing’ by Benjamin Myers, ‘Demon Copperhead’ by Barbara Kingsolver and ‘The Cloisters’ by Katy Hays.

Want to join the online book group? Contact the National Office Team at [email protected].