Childhood Memories

Just the right number for my lounge gathered together on Wednesday, joined by one member on Zoom, to share Childhood Memories.

We started from the earliest age anyone could remember (less than 2, amazingly) and moved forward in increasing age.
We were fortunate to have two members with us old enough to recall wartime stories such as the atmosphere at Paddington station while crowds of evacuees were being transported and a Vi bomb was heard.

Atmospheres were a theme, several recalling the atmosphere gleaned from adults on significant events, fixing images clearly in the memory (for example bath time with a sister when father left home). Several bad events came up this way. 

Then we moved on to happier ones, amidst reminiscences of childhood sweets, including Jamboree bags.

Here are a couple of amusing memories:-
From one member on catching German Measles, she remembers asking “Does that mean I will come out in swastikas?”
From another, on her grandad’s passing, her first comment “How is Grandad?”

One thing led to another and we triggered plenty of side discussions. A good night.