Country themed night – Brazil!




Nantwich and Audlem group had their country themed night yesterday to celebrate the cuisine of Brazil and learn more about this vibrant country.  We felt the quiz was quite hard, but those who had done their homework and some preliminary research definitely got the most answers!   Some members of the group had been to Brazil, and of course most of us had enjoyed watching coverage of the Olympics in Rio last year.  

Huge thanks to our hostess and her gallant husband helping in the kitchen – what a star!  And especially for the Caipiranha cocktails to start the evening, really delicious and refreshing. 

The dishes bought along by everyone were wonderful, a great variety of traditional and flavoursome food, pork and black beans, a creamy chicken dish, delicious cheese bread made with tapioca flour, with rice and salads, and some very sweet desserts.  It has to be said that most of the desserts enjoyed in Brazil involve condensed milk and tins have probably been flying off the shelves locally.