Dress Rehearsal

Cost doesn’t count, Madam.
Sorry, nothing is less than five hundred pounds, Madam.
Look for the line, Madam.

It’s finding the right silhouette, Madam.
Sorry, we’ll pin that one around you, Madam.
Oh, size 10. Well hold it against you, Madam.
Sorry, these earth colours do suit some people, Madam.
No! The lilacs are all sold, Madam.
You should have come earlier, Madam.
Waste of time thinking you’d lose weight, Madam.
You’re size is very common with your age group, Madam.
Yes, the dusky pink is perfect , Madam.
The plunge is not too daring, Madam.
The ruffles sparkle at neck and wrist , Madam.
No eight hundred and fifty pounds is not expensive, Madam.
It’s been sent to China to be hand embroidered, Madam.
Yes, I know it’s a size to big, Madam.
You’ll grow into it soon, Madam.
Yes, I knew you would buy it , Madam.
You’re only a first-time Bride’s Mum, once, Madam.

© Helen Blackburn, Beith, 2002