Green is a name for a mixture of things

Green is a name for a mixture of things
For small grassy knolls and birds which sing
A clear, bright song – a greenfinch tries,
With swoops, to catch a small greenfly,
Which darts into a greengage tree
To eat the fruit and greenery.

Nearby a greenhouse grows green food,
Greengrocer sells it – all so good
For everyone – nutritious and tasty too,
Like green tea, which makes a refreshing brew,
Drunk by golfers going onto the green and tee,

But the green-eyed monster is looking to see
Who is the green hand or putting greenly
On the course – on greenbelt land. While we
Wait for green papers to get the green light,
Green pounds can cause problems Europeans may fight.

Around the world is a green revolution
Never quite reaching a satisfactory solution.
So don’t be green and easily deceived,
You have the green light to do as you please,
To be green-fingered and perform green acts.
Our planet will thank you – S0 MAKE AN IMPACT.

© Eileen Gilbert Hereford Group, 2001