How to Fudge the Issue

Our group, as many others I’m sure, often speak about environmental issues, sustainability and buying local, and about using natural ingredients in our food.
With that in our minds, yesterday we donned some very fetching net headgear and visited a local Bury St Edmunds business. Yum Yum Tree Fudge started in the kitchen with presents made for friends and family and – with still just three family members plus a couple of other staff – has expanded to become one of the best makers of the best fudge around. We can vouch for that – we sampled umpteen different flavours!
We learnt a lot and now know what goes into making the perfect fudge in an ethical way – British sugar, butter and milk for example, and natural flavours (rhubarb from the garden included). With solar panels on the roof, storage batteries in the office, and electric delivery vans, the company impressed us all with its green credentials.
What a lovely way to spend a couple of hours. Every picture tells a story…. 😋