Linda’s life story

NWR Steyning member Linda will tell us all about her career in broadcasting during a Zoom meeting on Tuesday 22 March.

Clearly we can’t spill the beans in advance but suffice it to say Linda worked at the BBC and has tales to tell us about days working alongside Robin Day and when called in to supplement the dancing audience for Top of The Pops.

How envious so many of us will be…

Anyway, this is the sort of event NWR Steyning organises so if you are looking to join a group in West Sussex we can offer you a range and choice of face to face meetings, ones by Zoom, friendship groups (for coffee and a chat, nothing more complicated) and a monthly book club to encourage you to read books you mightn’t choose otherwise (and might miss out on…).

To avoid missing out in future and to enquire about joining NWR Steyning, please email [email protected]

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