NWR Christmas Carol 2012

Good King Wenceslas looked out

On the streets of Newport.

Folks were crossing to and fro

With the bargains they d bought.

Brightly shone the moon that night

Tho’ the stars were fleeting

When a female came in sight

Rushing to a mee… ting.

Yonder page come stand by me

Surely you are knowing

Yonder woman who is she

Why and where’s she going?

National Women’s Register

That’s her destination..

They meet all across the town
And across the na..tion

Let us go and follow her

See where she is headed.

All good folk should be indoors

And well and truly bedded.

Sire, I think we must take care
It’s not for us to gate crash

If they know that we are there

There might be a back…lash.
What goes on behind those doors?

Are they closed to us then?

Only those with lively minds

Need apply to join them.

Every week they have a theme

To discuss and ponder

Anything from cats and dogs

To the Great Big Yon…der

There’s a thriving Book group too

Books are read and rated.

Some are old and some are new

Sometimes they are hated.

Theatre trips and films are done

Socials full of laughter

They believe in having fun

That is what they’re a..fter.

Homeward trod our noble pair

Tho’their hearts were longing.

We should find some men to share

An equal night for bonding.

Lively Women win the day

Carry on your meetings.

So Good ladies this I say

Merry Christmas gree…tings.

Chris Supple, December 2012