A lot to know about Qatar

An excellent recent evening event hosted by one of our members.
We were all warmly greeted on arrival with a traditional Qatari Qahwa coffee (usually served to men), and the complicated way in which this coffee is made. We sampled Qatari dates in chocolate and chocolates too.  We then went on to discuss the Karak Tea. Our genial hosts have firsthand knowledge of life in Qatar as they have an adult daughter working in the country and have also visited themselves.   It is the world’s richest country with a relatively small land mass and population. The role of women was also discussed at length especially around the topic of Sharia law.  Before oil, Qataris would have been a nomadic people. Qatar was famous for Pearl fishing also known as Angels teardrops.  Almost 100 years ago all male Qataris were engaged in pearl diving and there were little natural resources there.  Our host touched on all aspects of Qatari life and it was a fascinating talk.  Some of the photos here are of the display put out for us to look at including a little box made from camel bone AND if that was not all enjoyable enough, minutes before we had our break for coffee the door opened and Lawrence of Arabia arrived on his camel! – see the photos.  What a hilarious, fun, serious in parts, evening.  A good time had by all.