The Dinner Party

The prawns are out a defrosting
The sauce has yet to be made
Now where did I put the chicken?

The table needs to be laid
Why when I think I am ready
There seems so much to be done
The tablecloth really needs ironing
The glasses match – other than one

Turn up the oven, let in the cat
The vegetables are steaming well
The cream won’t whip, oh get down cat
Too late! That can’t be the bell.
I must get a chance to change soon
I’m really not looking my best
Must first just clear up the kitchen
Then I can leave all the rest

The white wine is now in the freezer
The red has been opened – and spilled
I’ve mopped up the worst with a cloth
And the flan case hasn’t been filled.
Should I start pouring the sherry
Or maybe the men prefer beer
The candlelight looks quite effective
The door, oh goodness, they’re here.

© Kate Curtis, Isle of Sheppey, 2002