The Netherlands

We had looked at Belgium previously and felt that the Benelux 2023 NWR Country Theme was worthy of another meeting.

This time we shared our knowledge, thoughts, impressions and memories of The Netherlands.

We used the NWR 2023 Annual theme information from the NWR website to run the quiz which we did collaboratively, and to share some of 50 interesting and fun facts on the Netherlands.

Sandwiched between these we explored a brief history.

We referred to books we had read in our book group – The Cut Out Girl, Tulip Fever, The Miniaturist.

We looked at the story of the Dutch boy who saved his country by putting his finger in a leaking dyke and its appearance in the story of Hans Brinker (or the Silver Skates).

Some brought interesting photographs from visits and one read her own delightful poem about the impression the bicycles had made on her in Amsterdam.

There seemed to be a lot of laughter, so I think we had fun.