USA: a tour of the States, with refreshments

Bury St Edmunds members gathered last Wednesday evening to have a look at the NWR theme country for 2022 – the United States of America.
We were tasked with providing something relevant to eat (always a pleasure…) and came up with hot & cool Tacos, Smoked salmon bagels, Waldorf salad, home-grown Tomatoes, Key lime pie, Pecan tart, and a very interesting Sweet potato/orange/pecan/marshmallow ‘casserole’ dessert, washed down with glasses of cooling Iced tea.
Of course, some research was also required, so we each chose 3 States and picked out a couple of interesting facts about each. Such a huge, diverse country – there is so much to talk about, we could have chatted for much longer (had there been more of us we’d have been there till morning…..).
Out in Zeldas’s lovely garden it got dark and eventually we were squinting at our ‘scripts’ so, as the alternative was being dazzled by the security lights, it was time to stop!
Wonder what the 2023 theme country will be?