Walk & Talk: Sonning and Thames Valley Park

Woodley and Earley Group teamed up for a walk along the River Thames. Starting off at Sonning-on-Thames along the river to TVP and then back to Sonning for lunch at the Village Hamper. There were eleven of us on the walk and it was a lovely sunny day. Perfect for a walk!

TVP is a business park with a nature reserve which lies along the Thames in Reading. It is the home of the UK HQ’s of The Oracle and Microsoft and many other companies. The nature reserve consists of ponds with a network of paths and is between the office buildings and the river.

The walk wasn’t long just three miles and we had pre ordered our lunch in the Village Hamper. That’s the walk and as for the talking one of the reasons I choose the walk is because all of it was on level wide paths.

River Thames & Sonning Lock

Thames Valley Park