On Wednesday,our group had booked to use one of Linda Messham’s Murder Mystery plays.
‘The Mad Professor’ was with us for the evening and proved highly entertaining.

The play has 11 characters, so ideally 11 members were needed to take one part each. However, in the event, other commitments, Covid and other bugs put paid to that plan, and we ended up with just 8 members. Fortunately, Linda’s clear instructions explained the best way to combine characters and still do the play with 10, 9 or 8 people, so though it meant that three of us had to act (well, I say ‘act’…. ) two parts each, it did work reasonably well. And it certainly added to the entertainment, watching Sue and Val attempting to ‘talk to themselves’ in different voices at various junctures!

The interval between acts was spent with refreshments and discussion in an attempt to guess who exactly HAD done it. Unfortunately, we were led astray by some red herrings and got it entirely wrong. We’re obviously pretty useless sleuths….

We would certainly encourage other groups to borrow one of the plays, and we fully intend trying another one ourselves before too long.
Thank you Linda, for providing us with a different kind of meeting and much merriment.

Now, where did I put my magnifying glass….?