Programme planning

NWR members are “interested in everything and talk about anything”. Their meetings follow a programme which sets out what will be discussed at each meeting. Planning meetings are held every three or six months, during which members suggest different topics they would like to discuss. Each group is responsible for planning its own programme, allowing members to directly influence what their group talks about.

What makes a good programme?

Most importantly, that it covers topics that your group wants to discuss. Encourage all members to contribute ideas. Perhaps those who are unable to attend the planning meeting could send you their suggestions in advance? Aim for a balance between serious and light-hearted topics.

More information about what your programme should include can be found in the Local Organisers Handbook on the Resources for NWR Volunteers page.

NWR National Annual Theme and Focus Country

Each year, we set a national theme and a focus country.  Many groups base a number of their meetings and events around these topics.

For 2022, the national theme is ‘Our Evolving Relationship with Food’ and the focus country is the United States of America. For more discussion ideas related to the 2022 themes, quizzes and fun, look no further than the NWR Annual 2022.

For 2023, the national theme is ‘Drugs, Herbs and Medicine’ and the focus country is Benelux.  The Benelux region consists of Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.  You can choose to focus on one of these countries or all three!

The information pack relating to the 2023 themes will be available here by January.  In the meantime, we encourage groups to research these topics and share information via your local group page!

Where can I find new ideas of topics to discuss?

Take a look at what other groups are discussing by looking at the events section of the website.  If you are on Facebook, you could join the group ‘NWR Official – Programme Planning’ to share ideas.

Consider what would be the best fit for your group. Is your group large?  If so, perhaps a topic that allows for short contributions, or, nominate a limited number of people to feedback on their research (and swap them around so everyone has a turn).  If you have the space, you could have ‘breakout rooms’ to allow everyone to contribute. Make sure you have a balance of subjects in your programme, some deeper and some light-hearted.

And for something a little different… why not hire a murder mystery play script? Script writer and NWR member Linda Messham has a dedicated following of groups who have discovered how much fun can be had (acting talent not essential). Contact the NWR office to find out more.