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National Women’s Register is an organisation for all women.

Our members meet face-to-face and online, assured of a warm welcome.

Why join NWR?

NWR membership benefits are numerous and varied.


Conversations are a big part of NWR. We talk about everything and anything.

Most group meetings consist of a meeting ‘theme’ which is the starting point for discussions – sometimes the theme will be light-hearted, other times something more thought provoking. There is always time for a chat and to get to know other members

We also talk online at our online groups and events.

Our Facebook groups are only open to NWR members, making them a safe place to engage with others on a variety of topics to suit everyone’s interests


NWR is welcoming to ALL women, nationwide.

Meet people at our events. Build new and lasting friendships in one of our local groups, regional or national events. Or join an online group or Facebook group and meet virtually!

Connect with a local network of lively-minded women


Laugh and have fun at meetings with light-hearted discussion topics

Start a new hobby – join a sub-group and connect with women with similar interests. Perhaps it could be Bollywood dancing classes or attempting new craft?

Join other members for excursions and trips with your local group

Try your luck with the ever-popular NWR Telephone Treasure Trail, our annual interactive quiz night

Learn something new from our online talks and online conference from the comfort of your own home

What does NWR mean to you – members share their views

Membership options

Local group membership

If you opt to be affiliated to a local group, we will send you details of NWR groups near you. You’ll be invited to attend local group meetings and to choose the best group for you. You can attend up to two meetings free-of-charge before joining NWR.

Each local group decides its own programme, providing new members with the opportunity to select a group that suits them. Programmes cover a wide range of topics from the serious to the light-hearted, and participation is encouraged.

Members affiliated to a local group can volunteer as local organisers, or support their group as treasurer, publicity officer, or in another role.

NWR members affiliated to a local group can participate in the national programme of events and activities, with their group or as individual members.

Independent membership

NWR’s independent members do not affiliate with a specific local group, but can take part in any group’s events and activities.

NWR independent members can also participate in the national programme of events and activities as individual members. This includes eligibility to take part in any local group’s events and activities (prior notice to Local Organiser required), including regional events and the national conference.

Independent members enjoy:
Monthly newsletters containing NWR news and quizzes
NWR online meetings
Specialised NWR Facebook discussion groups
NWR magazine, downloadable or delivered to your door, access to back copies of the magazine
Participation in quality Schedule of Talks and past recordings

Start a new local group

We welcome requests from new or established members to start new local groups. You may know women who would like to form a group with you, or NWR can put you in touch with women near you who may wish to join your new group.

New group organisers receive specific assistance from NWR staff and the members network. A comprehensive handbook detailing over 60 years’ experience of starting new NWR local groups is available, and NWR staff are allocated to support efforts and provide materials.

Why I joined NWR

My first ‘exposure’ to NWR was just two months after I was widowed, when I was asked by an old friend if I would like to attend a regional conference. The day was so interesting, and I was made so welcome by my friend’s local group, I knew I had to join.

Janet Lyons

Janet Lyons

NWR saved my life! I left work, moved house to another town and had a baby all in a few weeks… I wasn’t in a good place. Five years later, then with a second child, we moved to Essex and having heard about NWR I vowed to join within the first few weeks of moving. The group were like a new family to me. I’m not sure what I would have done without NWR. Thank you.

Carol Colledge

During the pandemic, my happiest days have been Thursdays when we have been permitted when not in lockdown to continue with our NWR walking group, enjoying the wonderful countryside and coast of Dorset.

Sheila Warren

Sheila Warren


How much does membership cost?

NWR membership is just £32 per year. We prefer payment by Direct Debit as this allows us to focus more resources on delivering a fun and engaging programme for members.

The NWR hardship fund can provide financial assistance for the payment of the annual member subscription fee. To talk to a member of NWR staff in confidence about the financial assistance available, please email Chris Allison.

Where is my nearest NWR group?

See NWR local groups to find your closest group. New groups start regularly so even if we don’t have a group listed near to you please do get in touch.

When are NWR meetings?

Each group has its own programme of events and activities. See the list of events and individual group pages for more information.

How do I make my application?

We’re very glad you’d like to join – welcome! Join online. It’s quick and easy.

Can I start my own group?

Yes, you’ll receive specific assistance from NWR staff and the members network. A comprehensive handbook detailing over 60 years’ experience of starting new NWR groups is available, and NWR staff will be allocated to support your efforts and provide materials.

Can I try NWR for free?

Prospective members can try up to two ‘taster events’ free of charge before selecting either to affiliate with a local group, or to join as an independent member, or to set up a new local group.